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Over 40 government facilities for orphans and children with special needs in the Cherkasy Oblast. Detailed list at bottom of page.

Cherkasy Oblast
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Cherkasy Oblast  Cherkas’ka oblast’; also referred to as Cherkashchyna is an oblast (province) of central Ukraine located along the Dnieper River. The administrative center of the oblast is the city of Cherkasy.
The city is divided into 2 boroughs (raions): Sosnivskiy (with Orshanets village) and Pridniprovskiy. The current population of Cherkasy is 287,583 (as of 2011). In June 2011, the city celebrated its 725th anniversary.


With 20,900 km², the Cherkasy oblast is the 18th largest oblast of Ukraine, comprising about 3.5% of the area of the country. The south flowing Dnieper River with the hilly western bank and the plain eastern bank divides the oblast into two unequal parts. The larger western part belongs to the Dnieper Upland.  The low-lying eastern part of the oblast used to be subject to the frequent Dnieper flooding before the flow of the river became controlled by multiple dams of hydroelectric power plants constructed along the river in the 20th century.
The city occupies an area of 69 km2 (26.6 sq mi). The city's length is 17 km (10.56 mi) along the Kremenchuk Reservoir, while its widest point is only 8 km (4.97 mi).

From the north-west, Cherkasy is surrounded by forest. Known as Cherkaskiy Bir (cherkasy Forest, it is the biggest (28,500 hectares or 70,400 acres) natural pine forest in Ukraine.


The economy of the Cherkasy Oblast is largely dominated by agriculture. While the winter wheat and sugar beets are the main products grown in the oblast, barley, corn tobacco and hemp are also grown. Cattle breeding is also important.

The industry is mainly concentrated in Cherkasy, the oblast's capital and the largest city. A chemical industry was developed in the city in late 1960s in addition to machine building, furniture making and agricultural processing.

Local transportation

Public transport is represented by trolley buses and buses. Trolleybuses started serving the city in 1965, and now are operating on 10 routes, from approximately 6 am till 11 pm. The fleet is old, and mostly consists of Zi U-9 and Zi U-10 vehicles. Recently, 3 new trolleybuses (manufactured by LAZ) appeared in the city. Cherkasy City Bus is the authority that controls the buses in the city, it consists of several private contractors which actually operate the transport system.

Culture and Recreation

Cherkasy is a big cultural center. Several theaters, philharmonic, 3 movie theaters numerous museums and clubs are serving the city. The city has 3 indoor skating rinks. People can relax in big parks and gardens around the city, they can also visit city's zoo. Cherkasy is among the cities in Ukraine that have their own planetarium.


The biggest museums of Cherkasy are:

  • Cherkasy Oblast Local History Museum – the collection of artifacts from the history, nature, culture, and ethnography of Cherkasy Oblast.

  • Kobzar Museum of Taras Shevchenko – the only museum in the world about one book.

  • Cherkasy Art Museum – big museum where different exhibitions are held throughout the year.

  • Cherkasy Literary Memorial Museum of Vasyl Symonenko.

  • Cherkasy Museum of Vyshvanka.

    There are several theaters in Cherkasy, such as:

    • Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre of Cherkasy

    • Cherkasy Academic Puppet Theater

    • Youth Theater "Suchasnyk"The city has its own philharmonic, which was created in 1955. The big cultural center is concert hall "Druzhba Narodiv" (Friendship of Nations), where all major concerts are held. Besides, there are numerous local cultural clubs.The city has 3 modern movie theaters - "Salut" (a very old building, was the first cinema in Cherkasy), "Ukraine", and "Dnipro Plaza".


Cherkasy is famous as a green city. The main parks are Park Peremohy (Victory Park) with a zoo, Sobornyi Park (Cathedral Park), Juvileyniy Park (Jubilee Park), Park Himikiv (Park of Chemists), Dolyna Troiand (Rose Valley), and 2 childred's parks. Traditional places of summer recreation are beaches of Dnipro River. The coastline of the city is as long as 15 km, and is usually represented with sand beaches. Infrastructure of the beaches is under development right now, although several recreational complexes are already built. On the northern end of the city, in Cherkasy Forest, sanatorium "Ukraine" is situated, along with three-star hotel "Ukraine", and "Kosmos-Bowling" club. There are also several hotels in the city which can accommodate people with different tastes.


The city is famous for its sculpture festivals - "Kryzhtal" (held in winter, sculptures are made of ice), "Drevlyandia" (held in summer, sculptures are made of wood, then placed in parks around the city), and "Zhyvyi Kamin" (held in autumn, sculptures are made of stone). Along with the last, "Cherkasy's Singing Nights" are held in the open-air theater in park. Since 2003, Cherkasy hosts international bike festival "Tarasova Gora", which gathers bikers from Ukraine, Russia, and other European countries. This is the biggest festival of this kind held in Ukraine.

Homes for children

Smelyansky orphanage boarding...168 children aged 4 - 27 years

Chygyryns'ka special boarding school Cherkasy Regional Council...220 children, aged 3 - 17 years

Cherkassy special boarding school for children with special needs...102 children, aged 7 - 18 years

Smelyanskaya school boarding-III levels Cherkasy Regional Council...118 children aged 6 - 17 years

Shevchenko's Specialized boarding school with advanced study of the humanities and aesthetic profile...200 children, aged 6 - 17 years

Cherkassky DB for preschool and primary school age Compensatory Cherkasy Regional Council...37 children, aged 2 - 11 years

Orphanage family type Pelmo...7 children aged 14 - 17 years

Orphanage family type Budakovyh...10 children aged 3 - 15 years

Orphanage family type mine...5 children, aged 8 - 15 years

Orphanage family type Macovei...17 children aged 9 - 20 years

Orphanage family type Talanenko...11 children, aged 6 - 21 years

Orphanage family type Lazarenko...9 children, aged 7 - 14 years

Orphanage family type Skrypnikova...10 children aged 4 - 20 years

Orphanage family type Gryaznov...10 children aged 5 - 15 years

Orphanage family type Globa...5 children, aged 7 - 16 years

Orphanage family type Dyshlyuk...13 children aged 1 - 13 years

Orphanage family type Watermelon...9 children, aged 7 - 17 years

Orphanage family type Omelchenko...6 children, aged 6 - 15 years

Orphanage family type Chekman...9 children aged 3 - 12 years

Kanev school boarding-III levels Cherkasy Regional Council...125 children, aged 6 - 18 years

Orphanage family type Shepel...7 children aged 6 - 15 years

Orphanage family type Artemenko...11 children aged 1 - 18 years

Ladyzhynska special boarding school Cherkasy Regional Council...120 children, aged 6 - 18 years

Babanskii special boarding school Cherkasy Regional Council...180 children, aged 6 - 18 years

Shpolyany special school-Boarding-IIstupeniv Cherkasy Regional Council...200 children, aged 7 - 18 years

DB for preschool and primary school age mixed Compensatory Uman...63 children, aged 2 - 12 years

Zolotonoshskaya sanatorium boarding school of I-III levels Zolotonoshskaya City Council Cherkasy region...265 children aged 6 - 17 years

Zolotonoshskaya special boarding school and II degrees Zolotonoshskaya City Council Cherkasy region...104 children, aged 6 - 18 years

Kropivnjansky DB for children Cherkasy Regional Council...56 children, aged 8 - 17 years

Talnovsky Boarding School I and II phases Cherkasy Regional Council...112 children, aged 6 - 17 years

Cherkasy Regional shelter for children...50 children aged 3 - 18 years

Regional inter-regional shelter for children Uman...40 children, aged 3 - 18 years

Cherkasy Regional "Children's Home"...120 children from 2 months to 4 years old

The establishment of a new type for orphans and children deprived of parental care "Our House"...9 children, aged 7 - 16 years

Cherkasy City Children's Hospital...330 beds, children from birth to 18 years old

Orphanage family type Shvets...8 children, ages 3 - 9 years

Orphanage family type Shcherbyna...6 children, aged 6 - 16 years

Orphanage family type Khrushchev...6 children, aged 5 - 16 years

Orphanage family type Iron...7 children aged 6 - 13 years

Orphanage family type Polyarush...8 children, aged 6 - 18 years

Orphanage family type Perevalova...5 children, aged 11 - 15 years