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Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (Ukrainian: Івано-Франківська область, translit. Ivano-Frankivs’ka oblast’; also referred to as Prykarpattia – Ukrainian:Прикарпаття or formerly as Stanislavshchyna or Stanislavivshchyna – UkrainianСтаніславщина or Станиславівщина) is an oblast (region) in western Ukraine. Its administrative center is the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. As is the case with most other oblasts of Ukraine this region has the same name as itsadministrative center – which was renamed by the Soviets after the Ukrainian writer, nationalist and socialist Ivan Franko on November 9, 1962.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast is also known to Ukrainians by a deep-rooted alternative name: Prykarpattia (although some sources may also consider the southernLviv Oblast including such cities as Stryi, Truskavets, and Drohobych, as also part of Prykarpattia).[citation needed] Pryarpattia, together with Lviv and Ternopilregions, was the main body of the historic region of eastern Halychyna; which in the 13th century was a part of the Kingdom of Rus and the Halych-Volyn Principality (see Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia). Along with the Lviv and Ternopil regions Prykarpattia is a component of the Carpathian Euroregion.


Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast borders Lviv Oblast to its north and west, Zakarpattya Oblast to its south-west, has a 50-km long state border with Romania (Maramureş County) to its immediate south, and it borders Chernivtsi Oblast to the south-east and Ternopil Oblast to the east. It is situated partly in the Eastern European Plain and partly at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. The oblast may be divided into three regions: mountainous, pre-mountainous, and plains.

The climate is mildly-continental and damp with cool summers and mild winters. The average monthly temperature in June is 18 °C (~64.5 °F) with 12 – 16 °C (~53.5 – 61 °F) in the mountains. The average monthly temperature in January is −4 °C (~25 °F) with −6 °C (~22 °F) in the mountains. Average precipitation varies annually around 650 mm (26 in) with 1550 mm (62 in) in the mountains.

The region is a home to some 456 preserved areas (on June 1, 2006) of some 195,633 ha (483,420 acres), 30 out of which are of all-national importance with an area of 108,742 ha (268,710 acres) and the rest of a local importance.[6] In the Ivano-Frankivsk Region is located a strict nature reserve Gorgany that was created in 1996. There are fivenational parks in the region. There are numerous natural monuments of feature and habitat management areas (zakazniks).


Carpathian National Nature Park
National Nature Park Hutsulshchyna

Halych National Nature Park

Verkhovyna National Nature Park
National Nature Park Synyohora

Culture and Tourism

Ivano Frankivsk Oblast is home of numerous cultural festivals. There are numerous natural and architectural benchmarks that are scattered throughout the region.

One of the famous festivals is the Ukrainian International festival of ethnic music and land art "Sheshory" that usually takes place in the picturesque Hutsul village of the Kosiv Raion Sheshory since 2003.[9]From 2007, however the festival has spread throughout the country taking place in Podillya, Kiev Oblast, and other places. In August 2010 the village of Spas in the Kolomyia Raion hosted a culinary eventSmachny Spas in association with "Sheshory", while in July of the same year another eco-cultural event Trypilske kolo in the Rzhyschiv city of Kiev region.

The city of Ivano-Frankivsk hosts several other festivals such as the All-Ukrainian festival of art collectives "Carpathian Spring" that takes place every May. Every two year the festival of modern art "Impreza" takes place every other year. Every odd year the city hosts the festival national-patriotic music and poetry "Freedom". Since May 2001 every year the city of Ivano-Frankivsk is the capital of the European blacksmith movement hosting the "Festival of blacksmith" and the art exhibition "Ornamental Forging" that takes place at the Mickewicz Square and neighboring Andrei Sheptytsky Square in city's old town.

On the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast are located numerous monuments of architectural heritage. On February 8, 1994 near the city of Halych was established the National preserve "Ancient Halych".Among other important sites in the region is the Church of the Holy Spirit located in the city of Rohatyn as well as the Manyava Skete near the village of Manyava in Bohorodchany Raion. The oblast also accounts for some number of various wooden churches of Boykos and Hutsuls traditional architecture.

In the Dolyna Raion (western region) visitors can find the Carpathian Train that still uses the narrow gauge railway system. Train is used for its direct purpose transporting wood as well as for a tourist recreation. The biggest benchmark of the region is the Hoverla mountain, the tallest in the nation. However due to increased touristic activities in the post-Soviet times the mountain is a subject to a high degree of pollution. No less interesting destination serve the Dovbush rocks that are located near the city of Bolekhiv in mountains. That location was a base of an anti-Polish Peasant movement. Near theManyava Skete is located the highest waterfall in Ukraine, the Manyava waterfall (22m). In the same Bohorodchany Raion visitors may find the local mud volcano located near the village of Starunia. It was noticed for the first time in 1977 after an earthquake that took place in Romania.

Historical and Cultural Sites

  • Recently, a monument of cultural heritage was erected in the city of Kolomyya in Pokuttya. The museum "Pysanka" was built in 2000 and is the only one in the world.
  • Another interesting historical site is the cavern complex in the Dovbush Rock. The site is dedicated to the legendary freedom fighter Oleksa Dovbush who in the legend fights against the Polish szlachta. The rock complex is located about 7 miles south west from Bolekhiv near village of Bubnysche.
  • The Church of the Holy Spirit, built in 1598, is located in the north of the Oblast in the small city of Rohatyn.