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Mykolaiv (Ukrainian: Миколаїв Ukrainian pronunciation: [mɪkoˈlɑjiu̯]), also known as Nikolayev (from Russian Николаев), is a city in southern Ukraine, administrative center of theMykolaiv Oblast. Mykolaiv is the main ship building center of the Black Sea, and, arguably, the whole Eastern Europe.

The city is an important transportation junction of Ukraine (sea port, commercial port, river port, highway and railway junction, airport).

Mykolaiv's orderly layout reflects the fact that its development has been well planned from the founding of the city. Its main streets, including the three main East-West Avenues, (including Lenin Prospect shown in the photo to the right) are very wide and tree lined. A significant part of Mykolaiv's land area is beautiful parks. Park Pobedy (Victory) is a large park on the peninsula just north of the city center of Mykolaiv, on the North side of the Inhul river.

Mykolaiv has a population of about 500,000

Geographic characteristics

Bird's-eye view on the city.

Mykolaiv is located on a peninsula in Ukraine's steppe region 65 kilometers (40 mi) from the Black Sea along the estuary of the Southern Buh river (where it meets the Inhul River)

Both the Inhul River and the Southern Buh river follow very winding courses just before they join at the north east corner of Mykolaiv. This has created several long and narrow peninsulas just north of Mykolaiv, and the main part of Mykolaiv is itself on a peninsula at a 180 degree bend in the Southern Buh River.

Mykolaiv is in a primarily flat terrain area (the steppe grain producing region of southern Ukraine). The nearest mountains to Mykolaiv are 300 kilometers south, at the Southern end of the Crimean Peninsula. The lack of any mountain barriers north of Mykolaiv means that very cold Arctic winds can blow South, unimpeded by any terrain elevation, to Mykolaiv in Winter.

The area of the city is 260 square kilometers.

Mykolaiv is in the second time zone (Eastern European Time).


Mykolaiv’s environmental issues are typical for many cities in Ukraine: pollution of water, the air, and groundwater; drinking water quality, noise, waste management, and conservation of biological diversity in the city. One of Mykolaiv’s most urgent problems is the disposal of solid household waste.

The city has 18 preserved sites, totaling about 12 km²:

  • The Mykolaiv Zoo (considered one of the best zoos in Ukraine);
  • The monuments of landscape art: Park Pobedy, Petrovsky park, 68 Paratroopers Park, Square, The Sivašskij, The Boulevard Bunker, Linea (Line) Park, Pioneer Parque; Lenin Komsomol (Communist Youth League);
  • The Botanical Natural Monument Memory Square;
  • The Dubki Reserved Nature boundary;
  • The Balabanovka Forest Reserve;
  • The October Reservoir Hydrological Reserve;
  • The Turkish Fountain Hydrological Natural Monument;
  • The Dubka (oak) 4 Botanical Nature Monument.

Points of interest

The following historic-cultural sites were nominated for the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

  • Olbia
  • Dykyỹ sad (Wild Garden



Today Mykolaiv is a major shipbuilding center of Ukraine (as, earlier, of the whole 
Soviet Union) and an important riverport. The city has three major shipyards one of which is capable of building large navy ships. Other important industries are mechanical engineeringpower engineeringmetallurgy and last 10 years - food industry.

Mykolaiv was closed to foreign visitors until the late 1980s because of many clandestine Soviet Navy projects (as well as the Mykolaiv Air Force base, turbine factory and military port). The majority of the Soviet Navy's surface ships including its only aircraft carrier, the Kuznetzov were built in Mykolaiv.

In May 2011, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych visited Mykoliav and said that Ukraine is serious about reviving and further developing of its shipbuilding industry in the Mykolaiv region.

Other industries

Modern-built shopping mall in the Mykolaiv city center.

Electronic industries are located in the city. The enterprise “Zoriya - Mashproekt” manufactures equipment used in ships and products used for transportation of natural gas and generation of electricity.

One of the largest enterprises in the city is Mykolaiv Aluminia Factory, which produces aluminia, raw material for the production of aluminum.

In addition to heavy industry, the city has a developed food processing industry, including a juice maker, Sandora, a dairy products maker, Laktalis-Mykolaiv, and a brewery, Yantar. The enterprise Nibulon is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian agrarian market.

Ukrainian military presence

Mykolaiv, being an important strategic city in southern Ukraine has a significant Ukrainian military presence, including the shipyards that build Ukraine's surface navy ships, the Mykolaiv Navy base, the “MARP” aircraft repair factory (Mykolaiv), the Kulbakino Army Base (in the Mykolaiv Oblast, outside of the city of Mykolaiv).


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